So here I am.  At this desk.  The desk that was my Grandfather's.  A Grandfather, who seems often forgot in my mind's eye.  Maybe because I didn't really know him, or maybe because I really knew him and he laid out life in front of him to see it for what it was.  Something to be experienced. Something to give effort to, find service in, and ultimately build love and expand happiness.  Truly I am not sure where the drive of my curiosity arises.  I am not a great deal like anyone else in my family.  That point is becoming painfully more obvious as the years pass by.  


I have this desk.  I have the eye of my mind.  I have my effort.  I have my time.  I have my soul.  Most importantly I have the world to explore.  Slowly I am connecting the dots, building the foundation, and chipping away at the fear.  

"We all have wings... but some of us... don't know why."