500 Words

Ok.  I'm starting something here.  Something that I will be disciplined enough to follow through on.  My goal is to write an average of 500 words a day, and then eventually ramp that up to 1000 after 6 months and 500 more ever 6 months afterwards.  Through the discipline of feeding my passion I will feed my productivity.  I do love expressing myself, and I do love exploring the world.    Using writing as a medium, I will refine both of these processes. 

When it comes to writing about any topic, I need to feel it in my bones.  I need to know the love and passion I feel connects me and drives me to something that is deeper and a little larger than myself.  

There are a lot of avenues that connect me to this.  This is what this website is about.  It could be hockey, hydrology, geography, or photography.  They all connect in the core of who I am.  Most importantly I need to write for myself.  When I write for myself I will bring these elements together and achieve the destination of where I want to arrive.  The place of who I am and the place of what I want to accomplish.