Wearing the Cross of my calling

Sometimes it just feels good to write. To feel and hear the keys clicking, or that scratch and wave as the ink etches, pours, and streaks from the pen.  It's cathartic in a way.  In ways, I suppose, we don't even understand.  

There are just so many thoughts burning through my brain, that I hope to organize, I hope to pin down. But in reality, it's about realizing the perfection of the moment, because we're not guaranteed another.  Despite all that is wrong with the world, or our life, there is a ton of good stuff as well.  The challenges we face are enormous, but when hasn't that been the case.   I there is one thing I must believe in this life, it is that the perseverance of optimism must never relent.  Let the greatest challenge in life be the response to the beauty we witness in the world.